Founder of JAMAC | New Jersey

Jarod Machinga

Born and raised in a family immersed in the industry, entrepreneur and investor Jarod Machinga has been involved with construction projects his entire adult life. He formally ventured into the field in the 1990s as a college student while pursuing a BS in Engineering Science from the College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College). Unable to afford off-campus housing, Machinga purchased his first investment property: a fixer-upper which he renovated himself, later renting it out.

As the years passed, Machinga continued buying houses, eventually outgrowing the residential market. Soon after, he widened his scope and began pursuing commercial real estate investments, eventually taking the leap to form his own businesses. Now, he is the owner and operator of JAMAC, JAMAC Construction, JAMAC Electric, and JAMAC Plumbing. In addition to these ventures, Machinga also manages numerous real estate investments.

In The News

Jarod Machinga discusses his career in construction and real estate.

“A typical day for me is anything but typical. I own numerous real estate investments and several companies. I could be planning the next purchase, designing a new project …”

We often hear through the media and other sources that investing in real estate is both profitable and rewarding. However, for the new investor, the idea of investing in real estate can feel both broad and complex.

Jarod Machinga is a seasoned real estate investor and entrepreneur. He started flipping and renting out investment properties during college, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Engineering.